Schizophrenia part 2

Posted By: Cean Psiquiatras

Schizophrenia Part II

The symptoms of schizophrenia fall into three categories:

Positive symptoms are psychotic behaviors not generally seen in healthy people. Symptoms include:

- Hallucinations.

- Delusions.

- Thought disorders.

- Movement disorders ( agitated body movements).

Negative symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors. Symptoms include:

- Flat affect (reduced expression of emotions via facial expression or voice tone).

- Reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life.

- Difficulty beginning and sustaining activities.

- Reduced speaking.

Cognitive symptoms: For some patients, the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia are subtle, but for others, they are more severe and patients may notice changes in their memory or other aspects of thinking. Symptoms include:

- Poor executive funcioning ( the ability to use information and use it to make decisions).

- Trouble focusing or paying attention.

- Problems with working memory ( the ability to use information inmediately after learning it).

Many people living with schizophrenia receive emotional and material support from their family. Therefore, it is important that families be provided with education, assistance and support. Such as assistance has been shown to help prevent relapses and improve the overall mental health of the family members as well as the person with schizophrenia.


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